Thursday, September 24, 2009



Painting, Painting,

cleaning, painting, painting,

painting, painting, painting,

cleaning, painting,

and painting.

Let's not forget painting and cleaning.

Lot's of painting! Be back sometime soon with the big reveal!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh Yes! Electricity!!

Yes it is on as of about noon today.

I have been so busy cleaning ever since!

I sure do like water and working lights!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hurry up and wait....

Yep that's it. Hurry up and get ready for electricity to be hooked up and then wait for the power company. ugh ugh ugh...... I am not a very patient person ya know! I am so close to being ready for visitors. The wait is killing me. They could possibly be there hooking up my power as I am typing but I doubt it. Should at least be this week.

You have all heard I am sure the old tale that if a spider falls out of mid air down in front of your face that you are getting ready to recieve some money. A spider just came down as if to announce some good news to me. Well I know good and well there is no money coming in the mail today but maybe this is a sign that the crew is there with me some electricity!!!! I have to get this place finished before the leaves start to turn. I wouldn't want someone to miss the beautiful autumn in the Blueridge Mountains because I wasn't ready to get them in a nice room for the weekend!!

You'll be the first to know if that little spider had good news for me today!!!!
Well the spider wasn't bringing me the news that I was awaiting. I did however get a call from the power company to let me know that they were shooting for Wed morning but at least this week sometime. At least I have a better time frame now. Guess I'll have to learn some patience!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ryan's Branch area of Philpott Lake

This is absolutely gorgeous! Only minutes away from The Fairy's Rest!
A nice little swimming area and it's free for the taking!

A great little area for the casual dip or a day with the family.

Just a quick little walk from the parking lot down to the water. Several nice shaded picnic tables with BBQ Grills. Even a water pump/faucet!!! You'll have to check it out!!! My family and I just spent two days this weekend swimming here, impromptu clothes and all! What great summer memories made for my grandchildren. They stated that they liked this better than riding the boat!!!