Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coming soon!!

Groundbreaking will begin soon on this new site dedicated to our Shabby Little Shack. This "Shack" or "Dollhouse" as it has been referred to in the past is actually our mobile home that we soon will have moved to our property near the lake. I decided that DH will freak out if he heard it called a dollhouse and not finish the work for me. The word "Shack" just oozes testosterone now doesn't it. I plan on the word being the only thing about the inside of the retreat that oozes testosterone. Actually he may just need to go ahead and build a garage and have boy toys and a bed in there for him!!!!!

We will use this as a weekend getaway, vacation spot and more than likely retire there (maybe in a loghome) if things go as planned. As you know the plans for the future can change at the drop of a hat.

The land has been cleared and readied for the mobile to be moved in, we even have 4 wheeler trails cut in but we have no 4 wheeler. We do however have a John Deere Gator but these trails are probably a little to steep for it to get me back up the hill. Note to self: add 4 wheeler to wish list of toys for Santa to bring me. I think that will be #47

Come back often for updates on our progress. I promise some pics soon!!

Take care,

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A Gracious Home said...

Becky, you must be resting. I'm looking forward to more pictures. Doylene