Friday, June 19, 2009

Boo Hoooooooo! Sad news!

As you see I have not been posting about my Shabby Little Shack in like forever. The reason being, we reached a standstill wayback and production on this project stopped. We have in the meantime, reluctantly come to the decision to sell the home. Yes, reluctantly, it was a mutual decision due to our crazy crazy lives on the farm :-(
You can see about our farmlife over at . We have lust listed the home on Craigslist and I am posting these pictures for the intersted parties benefit and for my journal to keep...ya know "the vacation home that almost happened". Full bath
Half bath in 3rd bedroom

2nd Bedroom

2nd bedroom I love the walls and floors

3rd bedroom and 1/2 bath this bedroom suite goes with the home

Loooooong hallway. Laundry is directly behind where I was standing to take the picture

Another view of full bath

Living room, not the best picture, it is much larger than it appears here. Has great marbled plush carpet.

Master bedroom.

A driveby shot while the Williams still lived there!

Moving day! Back side of home

Back of home

Front of home. Colton was taking it all in!!

Front of home!
(as listed on craigslist I have switched out the range with a smoothtop range, this was in my kitchen and worked great but I just had to have a new convection oven with a lot of bells and whistles! The fridge is not in the home)
This is breaking my heart, but I want someone to be able to enjoy the home instead of having it just sitting there running down while unattended. I was sooooooo excited and we had good intentions but we also have to be realistic too. He has promised me that in the future when we learn to settle down a little, hahaha, that he will build me a loghome on this piece of property. I am OK with that ;0)

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