Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Fairy's Rest!

Fairystone State Park in Stuart Va. summer 2008
Well we have changed our minds again about what we want to do with our vacation spot. As you have read in previous posts it has changed from our vacation spot/weekend getaway (that we no longer have time for) to planning to sell the mobilehome and keep the land for the future.
Well....drum roll please
we are going to have the best of both worlds now.........we are going to offer our home up for nightly rental/weekly rental etc....
We are only a couple miles from Fairystone State Park, Fairystone Lake and Philpott Lake. Close by are lots of other great tourist sites. Historic downtown Floyd Va. The Martinsville Speedway. Annual Floydfest. The Blueridge Parkway. Chatteua Morrisette Winery. Historic Mabry Mill. Fairystone Farms hunting reserve. and the list goes on and on......
I have wanted to do this for sometime now but mentioned it to dh and he said I was crazy. It took another very intelligent great minded man, who thinks like me, to mention it to dh and walla it's suddenly a good idea!!!!! Thanks Chet!! We only kept it listed on craigslist for a couple days because we both knew we wanted to keep it and now we know why!!
So I have got my wheels a turning on new decorating/landscaping ideas. I also have lots and lots of work ahead of me. So if any of you guys out in blogland need something to do just let me know. I can't pay much but I sure can feed you well!!!
The mobile has just been setting there for several months now but the operation of setting it up permanently has began. Hopefully it will be secured down on Saturday so I can actually get started with my plans for the interior. Of course we have to wait for a septic system, power and water. The well was dug last fall.
Since we are in the heart of the Fairystone area and most of the roads around have Fairystone this or that in their name, I found it only fitting that our resort be named
...........The Fairy's Rest.
Let me know what you think of the name. I don't want it to be too sissy in case some of those hunters want to rent it for a couple weeks during hunting season ;-)

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Leslie said...

I sure am glad you finally decided on something!!! I will be able to help when I can! I work for food...ha.ha. You know thats true.!