Monday, August 3, 2009

Treasure hunting.......

Treasures found! I have been collecting vintage embroidered pillowcases for over a year now.
I have some really great ones that I have spent VERY LITTLE money on.

These pictures just don't even do them justice.

They are all in really great shape and are a really really great cotton. You know the ones that feel like silk on your face!

The colors are so vivid in person.

These are for the lavender room. An exact color match. I knew they would come in handy one of these days. I will use these on the beds at The Fairy's Rest. If they get soiled or ripped it will not be a big crime because of the tiny amount of money that I have in each one. I think my guests will like to lay their head down at night on any of these vintage beauties!!

I want my guest to feel that they do not have to bring everything but the kitchen sink for their stay here. If they have small children they will have to carry enough of their house along anyway. I found this JUST LIKE NEW Fisher Price highchair at a yard sale this weekend!!! I am now looking for a portable crib. These items can be folded and tucked in a closet out of the way and should really come in handy when needed!!!!

Babies wanted!! Bring em on!!


Amanda said...

What a pretty collection. I went to the antique store on the main street in our hometown ;) the other day and there are 2 booths on the upper level and 1 on the main one that may have some of those pillow cases. They had a lot of linens. I was on an apron hunt so pillowcases really didn't catch my eye.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh Thank you Amanda!!!! I'll have to check out that little store in your hometown ;-) Maybe tomorrow morning before someone else finds them first!!!!!

I'll watch out for aprons for you when I am on my treasure hunts! Better yet, all us girls will have to get together for a day of antiquing!!!!!

blushing rose said...

Do you ever find the feedsack pillowcases ... do you ever find feedsacks, if so let me know.

I love your linens. I used to have a linen shop ... I couldn't find enough of them.

Welcome to blog world ... I am going to enjoy both of your sites.

TTFN ~Marydon