Monday, August 17, 2009

There's a lot going on around here....

Well it is so much going on that it is taking me a whole lot longer than I thought to get my furniture ready for pictures. In the last post I told you I had been shopping. Well this great bed came home on my truck, along with many other pieces. I have been painting on this off and on since then, but like I said lack of time!!! It is looking great though. And to think the bed was only $55. What a steal!! Maybe I will have pictures soon.


I am not sure if I have mentioned to you before but I love me some Craigslist!!! I have found many treasures and sold a few also thru CL. I actually have now found my best deal yet on CL. A wonderful sectional sofa w/ recliner and sleeper!!!! Blue and an hour from my home....also help provided to haul it down from a third story appartment!! The best part......drum roll please ......... it was FREE!!! I met the nicest young couple too. We have offered them a free weekend at The Fairy's Rest in turn for the great deal on our end!!
We finally have the mobile home set permanently! Whoo wooo!!! It's been a long time coming. We finished this on Saturday and have the septic system almost finished too. Won't be long now I hope. I plan to have the place ready for fall tourist season. The change of seasons here in SW Virgina leads to a fabulous showplace of the prettiest leaves imaginable. I have always wanted to see Philpott Lake in the autumn, while all the leaves were full of color, by boat. For some reason it just hasn't worked out yet. Maybe this will be the year for you and me too!! Won't you come join me? I'll bring plenty of hot cocoa!! Maybe some Pumpkin Muffins?? See ya there!

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Amanda said...

Very pretty. You did good!