Saturday, August 22, 2009

Painting the town red.....

This is my inspiration room. I was trying to figure out how to mix white furniture, appliances and trim with red and black and TOILE!!!! I found that there are other people out there who think like I do!!! Scary huh?
What a mess!

Been painting all day! Whew! Now that is red is it not? Behr's Ruby Ring!! The stove is going to be traded out for a white one. The stove hood will either be traded out for a white microwave or painted white too! I made the valance for the window over the sink yesterday. Toile as in the picture above ;-)
The painting over wallpaper turned out easier than I thought it would be. I googled how to do it and was recommended to use oil based primer. I hatedusing oil based anything until now. I tried Kilz Odorless Primer that was oil based. Wow Good Stuff!!! Highly recommend it to anyone. It was as thick as pudding and covered well. Still dried in about 30 minutes too!!
Today was just the start of a lot of painting. Kinda a drop in the bucket!
Good news ....the septic system is in too!!! The boys worked so hard today too!!


Leslie said...

Looks great! I will help you one of these days. Like when you get electricity and working toilets!!!!!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Leslie, I thought I taught you how to squat?

Now the A/C is a different story! I need electricity!! Soon very soon!!